Training your puppy come, sit

Training your puppy to come, sit, lie down, and stay down is most important both for the safety of your dog and for harmonious relaaations with your family, friends, and outsude the home. As a breed, the german shepherd is exceptionally responsive to basic obedience training.

  1. Come and sit Try to work in a quiet, narrow space such as a hallway, without any distractions. Holding the puppy on a loose lead, cheerfully call its name and let it see that you have a food treat in your hand. As it begins to move,give the command ,,COME” Be enthusiastic, and while your puppy walks towards you, praise it by saying ,,GOD DOG”

2. When your puppy reaches you,move the treat above its head. To keep its eye on the food, the puppy will naturally sit. As it does so, issue the command ,,SIT” and immediately give the reward. Repeat the exercise regularly until your puppy responds to words alone.

The unresponsive puppy Some german shepherds are simply not interested in food rewards. While training your puppy,feed it fewer but larger meals to stimulate the appetite. If this fails, try using a favorite squeaky toy as a reward. Puppies cal also be easily distracted, so begin basic training in a quiet indoor environment before moving outside, where there are more diversions for a lively and curious dog. Train only for a few minutes at a time twice daily when you, as well as your puppy, are mentally alert. With a strong willed puppy, use a lead to ensure that it responds.

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