Your new puppy

Ideally, buy your German Shepherd puppy from a recommended breeder when it is about eight weeks old. Older puppies and young adults may find it harder adapting to a new home. Make a careful choice after viewing several litters, then get everything ready to help ensure a smooth ontroduction for all.

Choosing the right puppy Visiting a litter When viewing a litter, watch how the puppies behave together, some may be retiring, others more bossy. Bear in mind that very assertive puppies often develop into dominant adults and can be more difficult to train, while a shy puppy may grow to be insecure or fearful a fairly common occurrence in shepherds. Apart from considering temperament, decide which sex you prefer, then select a puppy that seems bright, alert, and healthy.

Healthy puppy feels firm, and surprisingly heavy. Easy- going puppy is relaxed and content to be handled. The one for you? When picking up ot holding a very young puppy, always support its hindquarters. If you are new to shepherds, do not choose the most forward and confident puppy, this one will need experienced handling. Pick the average of the litter, neither too bold nor overly submissive. Ask to see the parents, and health certificates verifyng that the are free from herditary conditions common to the breed, such as hip dyspasia.

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